Factors to Support a Woman with PCOS

Leann Clink BSN, RN   What is PCOS? PCOS is PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome, it is a hormonal imbalance fairly common in women of reproductive age where there are many cysts on the ovaries. This causes the ovaries to produce more … Continued

Post Delivery Care: A Necessity After A Birth, A Miscarriage, or An Abortion

The following article on Post Delivery Care was written by Dr. Bruce Snider, OB/GYN in the Kansas City area. Whether post-delivery encompasses a traditional birth, a miscarriage or an abortion, it is vital that you receive care under a qualified … Continued

Bad Relationships- Identify & Get Out!

  What does a healthy relationship look like? What does a bad relationship look like? How does it impact my life? How can I get out? These might be questions swimming in your mind. Let’s walk through these questions and … Continued