Driving While Pregnant

Leann Clink BSN, RN Driving during pregnancy is generally safe for most women. However, many expecting mothers find driving difficult due to medical reasons, chronic fatigue, or severe nausea. Others struggle sitting in the same position for long periods and … Continued

Pregnancy and Marijuana

Leann Clink BSN, RN Is there a difference between THC vs. CBD? Marijuana in pregnancy brings many questions to the forefront, no matter how you use marijuana; smoking, oils, pills, sprays, dabbing or edibles. There are two primary chemicals in … Continued

Post-Partum Depression and Anxiety

Leann Clink BSN, RN You may have heard the term thrown around a lot. Postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety or psychosis, the “baby blues.” But, what does it actually mean? And, how can you prepare if you’re at risk? Risk Factors … Continued

Understanding Ectopic Pregnancies

Leann Clink BSN, RN Ectopic pregnancies are a life-threatening medical condition that can occur in the first trimester and requires immediate medical care. Know your risks, how to limit them, and what signs and symptoms to look for. Treatment for … Continued

Factors to Support a Woman with PCOS

Leann Clink BSN, RN   What is PCOS? PCOS is PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome, it is a hormonal imbalance fairly common in women of reproductive age where there are many cysts on the ovaries. This causes the ovaries to produce more … Continued

Perinatal Hospice- When the news isn’t good for your baby.

Perinatal hospice When the doctor says “termination”, do I still have options? Whether your pregnancy was planned and anticipated or came as a total shock, we all hope for the best outcome for our child. No one wants to hear … Continued

Post Delivery Care: A Necessity After A Birth, A Miscarriage, or An Abortion

The following article on Post Delivery Care was written by Dr. Bruce Snider, OB/GYN in the Kansas City area. Whether post-delivery encompasses a traditional birth, a miscarriage or an abortion, it is vital that you receive care under a qualified … Continued

Bad Relationships- Identify & Get Out!

  What does a healthy relationship look like? What does a bad relationship look like? How does it impact my life? How can I get out? These might be questions swimming in your mind. Let’s walk through these questions and … Continued