Port Huron, MI

“Oh No! I can’t be pregnant! I want to be a mom someday, but not now, not while I’m living with my mom! “Sadie was 28, wanted get a better job and look for a house with her boyfriend. She came in only because a friend brought her, not sure what to expect. She talked to her BWPCC advocate about all her pregnancy options. She had researched on the internet and understood the abortion procedure. Her boyfriend “was really excited until I told him I was thinking about an abortion. Then he cried and told me he would support me no matter what.” Her advocate told her that the strain of an abortion on a relationship often ends it, but she dismissed that. She was far enough along to get an ultrasound that day to determine if she even would need an abortion. (Anyone considering an abortion needs an ultrasound to confirm a viable pregnancy. If it’s not viable then paying for abortion services is unnecessary.) During the ultrasound her thoughts started to change upon seeing her own baby and how early the baby developed. By the end she told her friend even that though she was afraid, she wanted to parent and was excited to tell her boyfriend that she no longer wanted an abortion.


“Friendly and Professional”


St. Clair, MI

I was home visiting from college and did a home pregnancy test. I walked in to BWPCC. Everyone working there was friendly, professional, and they went over all my options. They did not force me to make any certain decision on abortion or parenting and gave me a lot of great resources. All their services were free, and I got a pregnancy test and ultrasound.


What are Clients Saying?

Client Reviews

“Sandra (client advocate) was great and extremely helpful. Really shows that they care about you and the choices being made.”

“Every time I come here; I learn something new about myself. I appreciate the wisdom I have received today. Thank you for opening my eyes to walk down a better path to a new beginning.”

“My advocate shared stories with me and it helped me realize that being here is not a mistake it is a gift and even though the decisions are hard, I really hope I can choose the decision for myself.”

“Spero is a great place with wonderful staff. The information given was very helpful to choices I will be making in my future.”

“Everyone here is amazing. You care and you can’t find that everywhere. I thank you so much for all you do, especially when I had my miscarriage a few years ago. Your volunteer checked on me which touched my heart.”

“I received a lot of good and helpful information that I did not know before. Thank you for the help and assistance me and my partner need. The staff is very friendly and informative.”

“Thank you so much, I really liked the service I received. May God bless you. Ms. Sharon(volunteer) you did a great job. I’m so happy to see my new baby. Spero is the best from the East to the West.”

“Amazing program with an even better staff.”

“Fantastic facility. I wish more people knew you guys were here and the resources that are available to us in the community.”

“Thank you for the support and kindness.”

“Very professional and answered all my questions very thoroughly.”


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