Making an adoption plan is a valuable way to provide devoted parents for your child while allowing you to move forward with your plans for your life. You can have the peace of knowing your child is loved and cared for by the couple you choose.

Today, women who choose to make an adoption plan for their unexpected pregnancy play an active role in every part of the process. You are able to customize your adoption plan, from choosing the family that adopts your child to decide how involved you want to be in the child’s life. You make the decisions every step of the way. 

You are in control.

  • You can choose the family for your child.
  • You can choose the agency or organization you work with.
  • You can choose whether it’s an open or closed adoption and how much ongoing contact you have with the child.
  • The decision to make an adoption plan may be made any time during your pregnancy or even after your baby is born.

Adoption is sometimes the best parental decision.

We can offer information and help answer your questions so you can learn about this option before making your choice. Making an adoption plan is an emotional, difficult choice and perhaps one you never thought possible. Our trained staff will be here for you as you work through your decision. Many women find an adoption plan a positive solution that is good for both themselves and their baby when they've chosen not to parent. We work closely with 2 trusted adoption agencies and will assist you in setting up an appt. to speak with someone confidentially. Spero provides an Adoption Specialist in-house to answer some of your important questions. 




Will my child be cared for if he or she is adopted?


Some women wonder if their child will be well cared for and loved in an adoptive family’s home. The truth is that many adoptive couples and families desire children, and so adopted kids are dearly treasured. According to American Adoption, 9 out of 10 adoptive couples say the relationship they have with their adopted child is “very close,” and over 90 percent of adopted children above the age of 5 have positive feelings about their adoption.

It takes courage to seek out each of the options and truly consider them for your unexpected pregnancy. Spero Center would love to be there for you to answer your questions and support you during this time. Schedule an appointment with Spero Center today to learn more about adoption and your other options.